Thursday, March 13, 2014

*snap snap*

The past few months I've dusted off my camera and snapped quite a few family photos.  I think I am going to bite the bullet and take some 'official' classes and start a mini-photography-side-job.  I already have a name picked out and a vision in mind!  Stay tuned.  I really enjoy getting creative and I know I have a long, LONG way to go until I'd call myself an actual photographer, but here are a few family's that I've snapped pics of over the past few months.  For once, I didn't torture my own kids and tortured some other people's kids (and dads, whom never, ever love getting family pictures).  Hehe!

My favorite part of this family shoot...the snowball fight at the end!  I love candid shots the best! 

(taking kids pictures can be hard, but taking 6 kids pictures...ha!  They actually did a great job!)  

I love my Nana and Pops!   

 We took these pictures on this blue wall because it's the same wall they had their engagement pictures taken! 

I did not take this last collage, but while I'm on the topic of photography collages, I thought I'd add this one as well, since I forgot to add it in an earlier post.  These were taken last Fall by a friend who is fantastic!  We used them in our Christmas Cards this year.  We were supposed to have family pictures but Dan was in the middle of an emergency dental case and couldn't make it.  When he had finished at work, the rain had started.  One of these days we will get us all in there!  Thanks Emily for snapping my kiddos!  Photos are some of my most favorite treasures!  

The hardest part about this post was not posting a bazillion pictures.  It's hard to choose which ones I like best and sometimes they are too small to even see the cuteness when they're in a collage.  Oh well, I tried my best! 


The Gilleys said...

I am SO honored to be on your list :) I can't wait to see you get your business started. You are the most creative person I've ever met and I know you will do amazing things with that already do! I hope that since you'll have a list a mile long, you might move sisters up to the front of the line ;-) Can't wait to have an income someday so I can tip you BIG TIME! LOVE YOU!

michelle said...

You are so talented and creative. Go for that dream of yours. You have a passion for photography! It shows.